It was with great pleasure and a couple of really long flights that I left my home in Charleston, SC to visit Australia's most populous city, Sydney, for the second offering of Fundamentals of Development on the Australian continent.

The twelve attendees and I held court a few minutes from the famous Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This was my twenty-third time teaching the Fundamentals course, and it remains true that every class is different. Each student has distinct needs for the training, whether they are just getting acquainted with the framework or they are an experienced professional learning best practices from the source. Judging by the feedback which we've received since the training wrapped up, Magento continues to deliver overwhelming value for the experience.

The live Fundamentals course, along with the other technical offerings from Magento U, teaches students the architecture and techniques that will help them get their work done right the first time. This is due in large part to the fact that Magento U instructors were/are developers first. Stack that working experience up with the in-class collaboration among peers and it is easy to see that the time spent in a Magento U course pays for itself by making subsequent work more efficient and by providing a network of fellow developers to call on in the future, including the instructor. It's with great pleasure that we not only hear from students one year on, but we see them releasing modules in MagentoConnect, see them participating on public forums, and see them achieving the ultimate milestone in Magento development: Certified Developer status.

So, despite the fact that we've done this dance a couple dozen times already, it is with genuine pleasure and pride that we look forward to the upcoming classes in Los Angeles, Newark, London, and Berlin. Come join us.

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