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Nobody can accuse us of not having enough themes at last week’s employee party!

About 150 of Magento’s LA employees and their guests took over Busby’s East in Santa Monica to kick off 2012 in true Magento style. Rock & Roll-themed costumes gave us a great excuse to party to excess and sing our hearts out in the highly non-competitive Karaoke competition. And yes, co-founders Roy Rubin and Yoav Kutner (photo, upper left) led the Karaoke charge! (Trust us: The Beastie Boys have never sounded this “Beastie...”)

Celebrity (costume) sightings included Axl Rose, Flava Flav, and Diana Ross (or was that Wierd Al?) Other highlights included a dozen of our X.commerce colleagues from San Jose swooping in for the festivities, dazzling the LA crowd with their elaborate costumes, and totally dominating the foosball table.

Wondering when the next big Magento party will be? It’s in April at Imagine in Las Vegas – we hope to see you there!

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