When we finally decided to proceed with the first-ever Imagine eCommerce Conference this past February, it was already early November. In typical Magento fashion, we left ourselves just 90 short days to assemble a world-class eCommerce event. But, with the help of the 600+ attendees, the Magento Community, incredible speakers and fantastic sponsors, we together created a three-day conference that was truly special.

Imagine 2012: Bigger, Better and Coming Soon!

While Imagine was an incredible experience for everyone, we vowed to give ourselves more time for the next event.

That’s why I am excited to announce that planning for Imagine 2012 is officially underway. Our conference team gathered last month in Magento’s LA headquarters to begin dreaming up an incredible event that is sure to beat Imagine 2011. And while the meeting was not catered by LA’s famous food trucks (though there were delicious cookies in the kitchen), the meeting was packed with the usual creativity, Magento passion and community focus that makes Magento so special.

I cannot wait for Imagine 2012!

New Site & Blog for 2012

While I do not yet have any more specifics to share with you about Imagine 2012, I can tell you that planning is well underway and we’ll be announcing much more information very soon. We have re-launched the conference website and created a new blog to bring you all the up-to-date information as soon as it is available.



Please follow along on our site, blog and Twitter #MagentoImagine to be the first to know about exciting Imagine 2012 news. And of course, we’d love to hear from you! Are there topics you want us to cover? Speakers you’d like to present? Give us your thoughts here.

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