The Magento booth was buzzing with excitement throughout IRCE last week. Merchants, partners, and attendees interested in finding out more about Magento stopped by to speak to our team, watch live demos of Magento Enterprise, and to take a quick break on our orange couches.

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Magento Mania

Magento Mania only added to the energy surrounding Magento at IRCE. With the chance to win up to $10,000 in prizes from our participating partners, attendees were eager to visit the partner booths and enter for their chance to win!

Thank you to all the partners who participated in Magento Mania and congratulations to all of the winners! There was one winner who was particularly lucky: G. Michael Stavros from L.L. Bean won three times--winning a total of $750 dollars from Nexcess for Back Country Gear Limited, Magic Logix for DOM Fighting Gear, and Groove Commerce for Kraft Music!

Check out the Day 2 winners below:

Day 2 Winners

Jonathan Laverentz

Andrew Long

Rose Pewer

Leigh Jenkins

Joe Gallo

Alfredo Cubillos

Shendi Briones

G. Michael Stavros

Noah Manning

Steve Wentzell

Jennifer Fisher

Jason Hearon

G. Michael Stavros

Nathan Maxwell

Megan Casey

Saul Berman

Stephanie Keily

Jay Greenburg

Mary Joyce

Rupesh Sanghavi

Lenny Kharitonov


Border Jump


Classy Llama Studios


eBridge Connections



Groove Commerce


International Checkout

Lexity, Inc.

Lyons Consulting Group

Magic Logix

Metrics Marketing Group




Pitney Bowes

Riversand Technologies

Sales Warp


Magento Powered Retailers

Colonel Littleton





Smiley Cookie


Kraft Music

Relax the Back

Sandance Beach

Thomas Dean

Maui Jim

DOM Fight Gear


Warner Music

Backcountry Gear Limited


Rickshaw Bags

The North Face

The Greenbrier Resort

Magento Gives at IRCE

The four orange couches featured in our booth this year were donated to the local Chicago charity, Mainstream Living, with the assistance from Good360, a Magento Enterprise Customer. Mainstream Living is a non-profit organization that provides programs and services to persons with disabilities, from home visits to placing them in group homes, which give them the chance to live a high-quality life. We hope that they enjoy the couches as much as we do!

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