Here's the second in our series of certified developer profiles. Today’s post features Bart Delvaux, a Magento Certified Developer who works for PHPro, an enterprise development company in Belgium.

Magento: When did you start working with Magento, and what attracted you to the platform?

Bart: I started in working with Magento when I joined PHPro in August 2010. My first impression of the platform was that it was complex and took a long time to understand how the system works. But the longer I work with Magento, the more I realize why this is done and the more I like to work with it. Magento is very expandable and you can do almost everything with it.

Magento: What do you enjoy most about being a Magento developer?

Bart: I feel like being a Magento developer is much more than being just a web developer. I like to think about and create new features and modules. I also like to introduce new team members to the platform so that I can share my knowledge with them.

Magento: Why did you decide to take the Magento Developer Certification exam?

Bart: I was motivated by my managers at PHPro to take this exam, both to prove my expertise with Magento and to set an example so that our other developers would follow my lead.

I was quite nervous before taking the exam. But everything went well and the satisfaction was great when I got my results. There was a big applause from the team when I came back to the office.

Magento: How does it feel to be one of the first Magento Certified Developers? How do you think it will help your career?

Bart: I have to admit that my colleagues treat me a bit different since I passed the exam. They consider me to be one of the experts in Magento development and thus do not hesitate to stalk me with tricky questions about Magento. This gives me a special feeling and also a bigger responsibility.

Magento: What else would you like to tell us about your work at PHPro?

Bart: Initially, I worked on a number of standard Magento shops. But recently I have done more custom development, creating many modules for projects, including a Facebook integration, an ERP sync and more. I have also worked on dedicated modules that can be downloaded in Magento Connect.

To learn more about Bart and the team at PHPro, visit their website.

Developers: Want to be like Bart? Visit our certification page and learn how you can become a Magento Certified Developer.

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