Magento Certified Developers are popping up everywhere. Today’s profile comes from Berlin, a city with a large and growing Magento developer community. Let’s get to know one of Berlin’s first Magento Certified Developers, Fabian Blechschmidt

Magento: When did you start working with Magento? What were your initial reactions to the platform?

Fabian: When I started working with Magento in Spring 2011 my first reaction was “Wow! This is much more complex than I expected.” But after reading about it and talking to Magento developers, I started to really get into it. Magento has a very complex but well-thought-out structure. As soon as you've worked your way into it, you can do anything with Magento.

Magento: What do you enjoy most about being a Magento developer?

Fabian: The community. Berlin has a nice community whose members meet every two or three months. We talk about projects, problems and solutions, a beer at arm's length. Discussing your problems at these gatherings is great, because everybody provides his knowledge. Finding solutions in an environment like this is much easier and leads to better or possibly ideal solutions.

I also like that there is more than enough work for every developer, which causes good pay!

Magento: Why did you decide to take the Magento Developer Certification exam?

Fabian: I wanted to take the exam to test my knowledge. I am pleased to have passed, and it gives me more confidence and trust in my skills. And having this certification is an easy way to demonstrate to clients that I know Magento.

Magento: What kind of projects have you worked on lately? What kind of project would you like to work on in the future?

Fabian: In my last projects I had to import products and it was a lot of fun. I prefer backend-programming to frontend stuff. Working with APIs and connecting systems are the things I want to do in the near future.

You can get in touch with Fabian at .

To learn more about Magento Developer Certification, visit our certification page.

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