Charles Nicholls of SeeWhy is one of the many outstanding featured speakers at Meet Magento UK coming to London on October 26 for the first time.

Here’s a sneak peak from Charles about his presentation:

  • I’ll be revealing the results of the most extensive study ever conducted into the behavior of website visitors when they abandon their shopping carts. We analyzed the behavior of more than 600,000 people to understand what people actually do when they buy, and in particular, their behavior when they abandon.
  • Surprising truths emerged.
  • We found this data fundamentally changed the way we view online buyers.
  • At Meet Magento UK, we’ll look at what this means for Magento sites, and how understanding these behaviors will enable you to convert more visitors into buyers.

Don’t miss this remarkable presentation and many more at Meet Magento UK.

Tickets are limited and will sell out soon!


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