With all the buzz in the market (and on these pages) about Magento Developer Certification, you may be wondering: “Who are these Magento Certified Developers? What are they like? And how can I get a hold of one to help me?"

We decided to address those questions by profiling some certified developers in our blog. Today’s profile features one of the first developers to earn Magento Developer Certification: Matt Kammersell.

Matt put the code aside for a few moments to answer some of our questions:

Magento: When did you start working with Magento, and what attracted you to the platform?

Matt: I began working with Magento when the first beta was released. I was intrigued at the prospect of an eCommerce platform written in Zend Framework, because I had built a few enterprise applications on it.

Magento: What do you enjoy most about being a Magento developer?

Matt: I absolutely love how extensible this platform is. With the right knowledge there are literally very few limits of where you can take Magento or what you can do with it. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work on some large scale projects for some of the biggest partners in the Magento “universe” and I look forward to a bright future at the helm of my own company.

Magento: How does it feel to be one of the first Magento Certified Developers?

Matt: I am elated! I believe I can go anywhere in the space now that I have this certification.

Magento: What else would you like our readers to know about you?

Matt: The types of projects I’m most interested in are the ones that are considered to be expressly difficult or challenging. The less people feel it can be done, the more I want to do it! As I said earlier, I’ve worked on some of the largest, most prominent Magento merchant sites. I’ve also built integrations for fulfillment, returns & exchanges, recurring billing, analytics, Facebook and more.

Magento: Thanks Matt. How can a partner or merchant contact you about a project?

Matt: Visit my site,, or email me at

Developers: Want to be like Matt? Visit our certification page and learn how you can become a Magento Certified Developer.

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