We’re proud to announce the finalists for the Magento Most Innovative Enterprise Site of 2012 award. All Magento Gold and Silver Solution Partners were invited to submit entries on behalf of clients whose sites went live during 2012. The finalists were chosen from a wide range of submissions, representing the best examples of “The Art of Commerce” in action. The submissions were evaluated by a cross-functional team of Magento experts, and judging criteria included design, user experience, integrations, customizations, and achievement of specific business goals.

Here are the finalists for the Most Innovative Magento Enterprise Site of 2012:


Delicious Karma, submitted by Magento Silver Solution Partner Rocket Web

Blending the artisanal-foods community with a passionate online community of food lovers, Delicious Karma, aimed to bring “Farm to Table” to life by enabling customers to learn, discover, and buy hard-to-find gourmet foods. After evaluating multiple platforms, Magento was selected for its flexibility, scalability, and feature set. The rewards functionality, private-sale functionality and a CMS creation of a web-based dashboard for users were combined with deep social-media integration to create a cutting-edge business model that has driven the acquisition of thousands of new users and a 40% repeat-purchase rate. According to founder, Jim Ritchie, “Magento has enabled us to build something not previously possible.”

Erno Laszlo, submitted by Magento Gold Solution Partner Pod1

Erno Laszlo is a leading manufacturer and retailer of scientifically-created beauty products, based on the formulas of Dr. Erno Laszlo, dermatologist to the Hollywood stars of the 1950s. The company turned to Magento for a site that showcases their products while delivering dermatological expertise, enabling customer and expert interaction, and reaching a new, younger audience. Key to their soaring customer engagement and 40% improvement in site-visit duration are a unique product finder, the bundling feature and an integrated content management system that includes recommendation videos of expert opinions and customer testimonials.

Heath Ceramics, submitted by Magento Gold Solution Partner AOE Media

Heath Ceramics is a manufacturer and retailer of ceramic tableware and tile with a legacy of producing functional, unique products since 1948. Heath leveraged Magento’s flexible content management system to create a new online store that would provide visual appeal, manage complex customer experiences and deliver scalability and tight integration. Unique full-category sorting, a convenient virtual gift registry and a CMS tool integrated to manage video, brand communication, and how-to and design guides were essential in generating considerable online growth for Heath, including a 30% increase in revenue their first full year on Magento. Catherine Bailey, Owner of Heath, beams, “Our customer experience captures the beauty, richness and depth of our products.”

Congratulations to our three finalists and thanks to all the partners and customers who submitted entries for the 2012 award. We were delighted to see so many examples of “The Art of Commerce” built from the freedom and flexibility of Magento. Check back Wednesday, April 10 for our announcement of the winner of Magento Most Innovative Enterprise Site of 2012.


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