Magento Gold Solution Partner Optaros sets the bar with twenty-five Magento Certified Developers, three Front End Certified Developers and numerous implementations that are bringing in over $400M annually.

Tell us a little about your business and how you became involved with Magento Enterprise Edition.

Optaros is a global digital commerce service partner that helps companies conceive, build and operate commerce solutions to accelerate revenue and decelerate costs. Part creative digital agency, part systems integrator, and part strategic consultancy, Optaros takes a holistic approach to creating exceptional commerce experiences for exceptional brands.

Optaros is 100% focused on digital commerce and the technology ecosystem that supports it. From core eCommerce and mobile to omni-channel and multi-channel experiences, Optaros delivers next generation tools and experiences that enable consumers at every digital touch point.

Optaros became involved with Magento Enterprise Edition in 2008 because it was the best open source eCommerce platform available with the flexibility to customize and integrate with our clients' core systems. Optaros is now a Gold Solution Partner and member of the Magento Advisory Board with twenty-five Magento Certified Developer Plus and three Magento Front End Certified Developers.

Optaros also built, hosts and supports some of the largest Magento Enterprise Edition powered sites, driving more than 5M visitors a day, 6,000 orders in peak hour and $400M in annual online revenue.

What are the key factors behind your success with Magento?

When speaking with large enterprise companies looking for an eCommerce platform, we are often asked why they should consider Magento Enterprise Edition. The question comes up because there is a common perception that Magento Enterprise Edition is not appropriate for bigger organizations, driven by its roots in enabling smaller businesses as an open source platform. But we have found that the opposite is true. In fact, it's been Magento Enterprise Edition's flexibility and scalability that have made our implementations so successful.


Our clients are typically large enterprises that are looking for a more agile - one that will grow and adopt new features quickly. The Magento team understands that they can only focus on the core platform and truly new capabilities will be driven by others. And our customers agree, seeing Connect as a unique opportunity for the community keep injecting fresh features into the platform. They feel that the this model, coupled with Magento Enterprise Edition's relatively open architecture, will leave them less boxed-in and vendor dependent in the future.


We have found that Magento Enterprise Edition, when set up and customized properly, can scale to support significantly large online businesses, well into the 100s of millions in turnover annually. These sites are also highly available. The Magento team recently announced the launch of 1.13, which incorporates new indexing features originally planned for 2.0. The statistics presented at the conference show the improvements making great strides toward supporting high-volume using the core platform.


When it comes to value, Magento Enterprise Edition leads the way. Compared to many of the other platform options available, Magento Enterprise Edition offers lower acquisition and operating costs. We have customers of all sizes who choose Magento Enterprise Edition because it is cost-effective, built on open source technology and lets them control and customize the look and feel, content, and functionality of their online stores.

Why did you decide to have your developers take the Magento Developer Certification exam?

The majority of our developers have been working with Magneto Enterprise Edition for years - before the Certification exam was even available. So when the opportunity came along, having them take the exam was a natural step for us to get their institutional knowledge recognized. The first developers passed the Magento Developer Plus certification shortly after it was released, then it became “viral” within our office. We organized study groups and we more than twenty people get certified in before the end of the year.

We also got involved in the new Front End Developer Certification Exam and, as part of the Advisory Board, we have been helping the Magento team and the Magento community ensure the certification matches the skills the developer need to implement successfully on the platform.

How many Magento Certified Developers do you current have on staff? How will having these certified developers help your business?

Optaros has one of the largest groups of Magento certified developers, with twenty-five on the scoreboard. As Optaros implements Magento Enterprise Edition for large accounts, we continue to focus on the Developer Plus certification. We are also investing in the Front End Developer certification that was announced at the 2013. We already have three Magento Front End certified developers.

What does this mean for our customers? It means they are guaranteed the highest quality solution, as well as better performance and lower maintenance costs. It’s also a proof of our commitment to Magento Enterprise Edition.

What drives you to do what you do?

Optaros is passionate about Digital Commerce, particularly when it comes to helping drive online success for our customers. Whether we're building the best customer experiences imaginable, performing complex integrations or scaling the largest Magento Enterprise Edition implementation, Optaros is passionate about driving commerce success for companies of all types and sizes, from B2C retailers to branded manufacturers to B2B organizations and to multi-level retailers.

In addition to rolling out Magento Enterprise Edition as a single platform across multiple brands and business types, we are also well-versed in customizing Magento Enterprise Edition to support specific business models needs (e.g., multi-tiered marketing) and in scaling Magento Enterprise Edition for high throughput and performance.

Optaros also uses Magento Enterprise Edition when implementing Private Event Retailing (PER) experiences for customers. Whether it's a flash sale site or a loyalty rewards program, Optaros' PER solutions utilize Magento Enterprise Edition as a foundation for digital commerce sites that create a feeling of exclusivity among customers. PER initiatives help retail clients sell off excess inventory and build a new revenue stream while creating a feeling of exclusivity and urgency for customers.

To find out more about how Optaros can help you build a better eCommerce business with Magento Enterprise Edition, visit their listing page on our website.

Developers: find out how you can join the growing ranks of Magento Certified Developers.



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