AddShoppers, a Magento Silver Industry Partner, has released their free social commerce extension for Magento and X.commerce allowing Magento merchants to easily add sharing buttons from Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and more to their storefront. With ROI tracking and apps to increase sharing, retailers can also identify social orders and the influencers who made them happen.

“With, retailers will be able to determine who among its customers are sharing the most often and having the highest impact on sales.” - Internet Retailer Magazine

Download the free AddShoppers extension.

Most store owners don’t know what social sharing is worth to their store. Other sharing solutions were built for sharing blog posts and articles, not products, and don’t track shares to sales. The AddShoppers social sharing platform is self-serve and free with sharing buttons and analytics built for eCommerce. Adding product-optimized sharing to your store along with analytics to track ROI has never been easier.

Using AddShoppers, ROI is tracked on 3 levels: the single product or SKU level, the influencer level, and the storewide level. Store owners can see the ROI of each social network per product, which influencers are driving the most revenue, and which social networks are sending the most revenue overall.

In addition to enabling ROI-focused social analytics for eCommerce, AddShoppers helps increase sharing and decrease shopping cart abandonment with its Social Rewards app. Using Social Rewards, store owners can incentivize and increase sharing by offering a coupon to their customers in return for sharing a product over a social network. After sharing a product and receiving a coupon, customers will have no need to abandon the checkout process upon reaching the “Enter coupon code” box.

AddShoppers also offers a complete white-label sharing solution for Enterprise-level stores requiring a seamless brand experience. Brands interested should contact AddShoppers for more information:

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