Inchoo is a Silver-level Magento Solution Partner that already has 4 Magento Certified Developers on staff. In this post, Tomislav Bili?, Inchoo’s CEO, discusses Inchoo’s rapid growth, and shares his perspective on developer certification.

Tell us a little about your business, including how and why you became involved with Magento.

I had a passion for eCommerce solution development since 2003.

When I first noticed Magento back in 2007, the platform was still in its early beta phase, I knew it was going to be the next big thing in eCommerce. I founded Inchoo at the same time Magento released version 1.0. Inchoo’s growth has gone hand in hand with the growth of Magento itself.

What are the one or two key factors behind your success with Magento?

I would say having a great team and sharing knowledge are the keys. We’ve been focused on adding great talent to our team right from the start. Our current roster features developers who have been speakers at Magento conferences as authors of some of the most read articles on specific Magento topics

From day one we also started sharing our work with the rest of the community of Magento developers/enthusiasts.

We have grown to a total of 30 people. Most of us are in Croatia but we also have a branch in Serbia and an Operations Manager in Australia.

Why did you decide to have your developers take the Magento Developer Certification exam?

We were very happy to see the launch of Magento Developer Certification. We felt this would be a great opportunity for us to take our business to the next level. Our developers saw the certification process as the final confirmation of their hard work and all those hours devoted to mastering Magento.

Our CTO was the first to pass the exam. That motivated the rest of the team to start pursuing certification as well.

How many Magento Certified Developers do you current have onboard? How will having these certified developers help your business?

We currently have 4 Magento Certified Developers, and we’re not stopping – we have many more preparing for the exam.

We feel that having certified developers on board will help us land some of the enterprise-level projects with clients who might have concerns about working with a company from Croatia. We know that some people aren’t sure where Croatia is – we’re hoping to change, and fast.

What else would you like our readers to know about Inchoo?

We’ve had our fair share of Magento clients with scopes of work ranging from straightforward theme designs and implementations to highly custom integrations with 3rd party systems.

We are running a blog about Magento development which is, modesty aside, one of the most famous blogs about the platform amongst our fellow developers. We take pride in giving back to the community by sharing our daily work and code snippets via our blog.

Make sure to pay us a visit if your plans take you close to Croatia – everything is pretty close in our country, so no excuses – we Inchooers are waiting for you!

To find out more about how Inchoo can help you build a better eCommerce business with Magento, visit their listing page on our website.

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