From the very beginning, success in e-commerce has largely come down to two things: price and convenience. While increased competition in nearly every industry has changed the way consumers think about the prices they pay for different products, online retailers are always looking for new ways to make their sites faster and simpler.

This is a great thing for business owners who are emphasizing usability, and an important consideration for those who haven't given a lot of thought to their e-commerce site's navigation and convenience. As usability becomes more and more important, here are the three most common mistakes we see on Magento e-commerce sites:

Burying popular products and details deep within your pages. Remember the golden rule, and try to make any area of your site accessible from any other area within three clicks or less. Doing so will stop traffic – and profits – from bleeding away as potential customers become frustrated with your site’s navigation layout.

Not including clear FAQs and shipping info. There's a reason to post FAQs on your Magento store, and it's because customers ask them frequently. If shoppers have to guess about things like your return policy, or when they are likely to receive their purchase, then they're going to be tempted to take their business elsewhere.

Using designs and layouts that don't load correctly for everyone. Would you want to turn away every customer that wore a green shirt, or lose a sale to anyone who is left-handed? No profit-minded business owner would, but they do the same thing all the time by using e-commerce sites and layouts that don't load on particular systems or devices. Maximize the return you get on every visitor by making sure your online store has maximum browser and mobile device compatibility.

Is your e-commerce site as easy to use and navigate as your customers would like it to be? Can buyers find exactly what they want to purchase, along with any details and policies, within a few seconds or less?

If you don't know the answers to these questions – or suspect that they wouldn't be as positive as you might like – then you can be sure that a lack of usability on your e-commerce website is costing you money every day. Why not call Mage Developers to schedule a free consultation today?

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